I was very impressed with the descriptive style of writing. I felt I was there experiencing the emotions and feelings. I could also relate to the music and songs. It took me on a personal journey. I would definitely read any of this authors future books.

Thoroughly enjoyed reading Tramps like us. The storyline kept you interested and the descriptions of the countryside were beautiful. Hope there is a sequel.

The Author has an incredible knowledge of this region in which the characters met and travelled. The detail and description lets one transport in place and time. I really enjoyed reading “Tramps Like Us”. A great little feel good story which has the reader captured until the very final word.

A gentle story of life and love that takes readers on a journey through some favourite places in Europe. I love the way the author has woven some of his favourite songs into the story.

An easy to read romantic novel that draws on well known songs that we all great up singing along to. Good work from a hitherto hidden author.