Tramps Like Us  –  a story of rekindled friendship.

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I came up with the idea for this story when I heard the song ‘Where do you go to my Lovely’, by Peter Sardstedt.

I empathised with the angst that punches through in the tone and lyrics of the song. The more I heard the song, the more I thought it would make a good story for either novel or film.

It took me about 15 years to write my interpretation of the story. In my story, two childhood friends from the streets of Naples are cruelly separated. They meet two decades later and discover they live in separate worlds.

He (Sera) is now an itinerant musician, she (Angie) is a fashion model. When they meet Sera introduces Angie to his new life. She accepts it and a new bond develops.

Later, they meet Angie’s friends and the relationship starts to unravel. The story follows their attempts to remain friends, but there are many obstacles in the way.

I wanted to capture the same type of angst I heard in the song. That is why Sera struggles to accept Angie’s glamorous lifestyle. I tried to capture an environment where Sera can be imagined belting out the words of the song in recrimination.

The storyline involves romance, but I never meant this to be a Romance novel. It is meant to be the passage of two people as they rekindle a friendship. Hence, it does not follow the normal protocols for the Romance genre.


A comment from Nils Eggen on my Facebook page.

This song really moves people. I had totally forgotten it when I happened to hear it again not long ago. The moment it reached my ear, doors to old memories and feelings started to reopen. I was drawn into an atmosphere of bittersweet feelings. Vague pictures of a couple of girls from a remote past popped up in my mind. What happened to them I started to wonder? Did they make it all the way to happiness, or are they still alone in their beds? The lyrics are fascinating and intriguing. You can’t help being engaged or involved in the story. There are not many songs like that.


Comment from a friend.

Just finished it, great job Til! Needs to be a Hallmark made for TV movie.