Welcome to my author site. This is where you will find the details of my books that you won’t find in a blurb.

I set up this site to give people a deeper understanding of who I am, and the background to my works; the things that inspire my stories.

I am known to family and friends as ‘Till’. I live in Redcliffe Qld with my wife, and I wish I had a dollar for every time I am asked about Naples. Contrary to what my surname implies, I was born in Genoa, Italy.

I have been writing for over 15 years and enjoy sharing exciting moments with others. Whenever I am enthused or inspired, I let everyone know – never in a boring way of course (cheeky grin). I just like to bring people along for the ride. It is a quality I present in my writing. I write about the difficulties people encounter as they journey through life. I like to capture moments we can all relate to.

I have had a varied, and interesting, career. Starting work as an electrician in a steelworks and moving through three departments in the Australian Public Service; with a stint at Bunnings and as a finance salesman somewhere in between. Along the way, I have acquired an Associate Diploma in Social Sciences, and several accreditations in the Learning and Development and Facilitation fields.

My drug of choice is music – it’s true, it soothes the savage beast. I will listen to anything, depending on the mood I’m in. I have discovered the joys of travel, and can’t get enough of it. I also enjoy watching most sports, but am most passionate about the round ball game – the real football, and I spend considerable time writing. As you might have deduced, I possess fine tuned time management skills (more grins).

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